my yeye

these two weeks were very tiring for me
i dont even have time to update my blog regarding the birthday celebration my dearest friends lim qiuling, anastasia hay and tan yanling have planned for me…im sorry
im too tired to do anything right now…felt damn weak
yeye left us…leaving ah ma, dua kor and sa kor at home now
what will happen to ah ma in the future?
all i can do now is to go to ah ma every sunday to accompany her
but every week once is really very little…haiz
everybody were saying that this funeral is a happy one cause yeye is able to see his 4th generation children…so they say that he is able to go in peace
but i still cant stop crying when sending his body off today
seeing daddy cry until so hard…my heart feel even more pain
li bei really never come…ting ting jie jie also never come at all!!!
i guess that is the end of our family relationship with you guys
heard from others that yeye doted most is you and yet you didnt even come once when he is in the hospital or during the funeral…not once!!!
really disappointed in the both of you…but adults keep saying this is adult’s matters…we children dont bother! but no matter what happen between you and yeye…yeye entered into hospital, you can say” I DONT CARE!”
yeye die already you dont even come and see his face!!!
i really hope that yeye really accept christ in his heart and he can go heaven to find xiao gu gu =)

你看到爷爷了吗? 他有没有去天堂? 今天看到爷爷被火化的时候,我一直想到你。 你被火化的画面一直在我脑海力。 我哭得不敢进去,怕我会想上次一样,看了很痛苦。 你在天上应该过的很开心吧? 记得要找到爷爷! 还有要保护在这里的阿麻! 小姑姑十二月十二号再见!!!

你终于不感觉到痛了! 现在应该很自由吧? 你也要找到小姑姑哦!还有要保护阿麻,虽然阿麻不表现出来,但是我知道她很伤心也很寂寞。 所以你一直要在天堂看着她,不让她感觉到孤单!一样。。。爷爷十二月十二号再见!!!


4 thoughts on “my yeye

  1. hang on n jiayou gal! every1 will experience this pain somehow…jus like me,few yrs ago when my ah ma left us…can understand how it’s like…cheer up k! 🙂

  2. Cheer up gal! like wad u say… he don feel pain anymore… no more suffering for him… so can say is a relieve for him… so shld b happy for him instead… don too sad k? sayangs~ 🙂

  3. hahaha i will! you all made me smile during work…so i feel better now le =))) you became my loyal fren in commenting my blog…hehehe

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