2011 new year’s eve

finally i got the time to sit down and update my blog
at first i thought this year christmas was already quite bad
but im still anticipating the celebration with my LOVELIES!!!
even ask jerica in the morning whether i can take thursday half day off
but in the evening i receive a call from mei…
ah ma passed away!!! on 20/12/2010
yeye passed away on 19/11/2010
both of them must be really in love with each other
cause people say that those couple that really love each other
their date of death wont exceed 6 months
and ah ma and yeye date of death different by 1 month only
within a month i became a child without grandparents!
didnt really expect ah ma to go off like this…
we still planning how to take care of ah ma after she discharged from hospital
i still think of moving to ah ma house just to take care of her
but now everything is gone…ah ma house became very empty now
suddenly really missed those days that everybody go to ah ma house for gatherings
looking back at those old photos…i really feel very sad
and there is nothing i can do to retrieve all that memories
there will also be no chinese new year next year
so all my festival dates…i will be staying at home accompany my 小红
just like today!
HAPPY 2011 TO EVERYBODY!!! 爷爷,阿麽,小姑姑 新年快乐!!!

today also my last day of work in Starhub!
wanted to thank lots and lots of people who helped me along the way!
and im happy to meet the others too…
all of you really let me forget how sad i was for that two weeks
and made me feel happy and fun working in that company!


what is christmas?

this year christmas is not joyful at all
many things are happening one after another
keep thinking about them every night
will find myself crying to sleep
yesterday heard mama complaining to papa again
at this point of time…she still can complained that papa never let her eat good food
earlier she complained about me not buying present for her
i really got sicked of hearing these type of things
there is so many things to be worried about
and yet she’s here complaining about her sad life
cant she just think that she is very fortunate already
there is shelter and water for her
give her money to buy food everyday
what is not enough?!
i didnt ask money from her anymore
what more does she wants?!
feel like screaming at her just now
but i dont want our family to turn sour
li bei already like that…making our family so awkward
i dont want our small family to be like that too
i really hate to be an adult!!!