thought that after i leave both of you may get along better
but it doesnt seems to be in this case
what causes this to happen?
and what is keeping inside you?
nobody will understand if you dont say it out
everybody is having a hard time here…not just you
always thinking about yourself and not others
he may disappoint you in many ways
but that is what married couple should do…
forgive and give in to others!
whatever that you are unhappy with, just say!
stop picking on others cause it does not solve the problem!
i just cant stop thinking how sorry i am to papa
could not be there for you…
if i lend you my listening ear…i will cry like siao…like now!
sometimes i just hate to listen to things like this
thats why i dont like to hear about your company stuff cause i will worry more
but i know everyone needs a listening ear
and im sorry that i always put my personal emotions in every time
the more i think about these the more i hate the person who make our family into the situation we are in now
God says that we should forgive others
but i cant promise God that i can do that!


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