hey mr. simple!

Super Junior is back with their 5th album ‘Mr. Simple‘.

when i was listening to this song for the first time, first thing that came to my mind was, “it sounds Bonamana!”
as usual after listening to it a few more times, i was singing to it and cannot get the melody off my head.

but the one song that i really want to introduce to everybody in the whole album is “Y“.
first, because it is written by the beautiful child of the group, Lee Dong Hae.
therefore, the music is beautiful too! sweet and smoothing~
i was waiting eagerly for this new album because i really want to listen to all the ballad songs that sang by K.R.Y.
of course my yesung didnt fail my expectations!!!
he sang gorgeously in ‘storm 폭풍‘ and ‘memories 기억을 따라‘.
even though ‘Y’ is a R&B track, it has easily outshines both ballad songs.
so everybody please listen well~  잘 들어주세요!!!


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