kpop crazy

i know my last post was a few months back
and in this one year i have actively attend concerts, showcase, fan-meeting to see the different kpop groups

on 29th january – Super Junior The 3rd Asia Tour 2011
having so much fun synchronizing shouting with my sis and cousin for K.R.Y
witnessing SJ members love for each other and for ELFs
was indeed a very warm-hearted concert! love it love it love it<3

on 4th june – KPOP Heal The World
After School, Orange Caramel, T-ara, MBLAQ, T-MAX
witnessing so many kpop performances!
realized that jiyeon is really pretty XP
took many many photos that im lazy to post them up

on 10th september – SHINee World Concert 2011
again took too many photos so i lazy to upload here
sorry to all the shawols out there but SHINee didnt reach my expectations for this concert
felt quite sad that i didnt get to enjoy the concert as much as SS3
and this is the most expensive tickets that i ever bought!

on 30th september – Miss A Special Showcase 2011
didnt bring cam along at all, just wanted to enjoy myself there
really enjoyed myself at the showcase, dancing and singing to their songs

on 19th november – 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour 2011
also didnt bring cam along! cause my friend has a better cam than me!
should invest in one soon!
this is so far the “highest” concert i have ever been
really enjoyed it very very much

today 25th november – Sundown Festival Fan Sign
wasnt really into teen top because they are all younger than me
and i was there to accompany my dearest friend
in the end i was being pushed to the front row
and they passed by just in front of me
some photos here…

upcoming events for me for 2011:

29th november – MAMA Awards Ceremony
cant wait to see Super Junior and Miss A again!
excited to see SNSD, Beast, 2NE1 for the first time!
but was quite sad that Infinite is not coming T_T

4th december – TVXQ Fan Party
changmin changmin changmin~


onew is always onew!!!

i should have uploaded this picture a few days ago
because of my stupid modem is not connecting to the internet
i have problem uploading the gif file into my wordpress
onew condition again!!! fell down while trying to catch his mike!!!
so cute and funny >.< XD
how i wish i could see his face when he fell!!!
this happened in July 25 inkigayo but it was not played…sad =(((

SHINee Lucifer

i was really considering for very long whether i should put this video
not going to mention about the song and their styles
but im going to mention…THEIR DANCE WAS AWESOME!!!
SHINee is back with second full album with 13 songs
01. Up & Down
02. Lucifer
03. Electric Heart
04. A-yo
05. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
06. 화살 (Quasimodo)
07. 악 (Shout Out)
09. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready or Not
12. Love Pain
13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On) continue from AMIGO album track Love should go on
the dance was really really awesome to me and i cant wait to see them dance live
thats all im gonna say…

P.S bye Nancy!!! rest well after you reach home!!! sorry that i didnt send you off…but my heart is with you!!! byebye!!!

onew condition

another one of his “onew condition”…he laughed too hard until he fell over the chair

cant stop laughing when watching this show XDDD
SHINee is back in Idol Maknae Rebellion!!!
and the videos are english subbed…yeahh =)))

part two part three part four part five part six part seven

this is my first time seeing taemin sing so seriously for a short part of a song >.<

seung hyun looks so hilarious when dancing SHINee's Ring Ding Dong…
maybe that is why he was born to be in a band…hahaha =PPP

and the best of all…KEY who can almost dance all the girls group idol's dance
was quite surprised when he danced After School Because of You
it was nice…even though it is just the chorus but it was good!!! =)

today is SHINee first day of concert…Music from Korean Drama Favourites
tomorrow will be their last day already…so sad =(
hope they can come again soon!

SHINee my love


the waiting process at Terminal 2 was horrible, terrible, miserable
start standing from 6 plus…a total of full 4 hours
the plane delayed…SHINee delayed too
waiting damn damn long for them to come out
but the moment they came out…
everything was worth it!!!

everything happened very fast

taemin walked in front
followed by jonghyun, key and minho
the moment they walked past us
everybody rushed out to catch their bus/taxi
left some of us who realised ONEW was not out yet
i immediately went in front and waited for ONEW to come out

i was damn excited the moment i saw him
heart beat very fast!!!
watever thing he did was PERFECT!!! hahaha XDDD
the pace he walked (heard that he injured his leg T_T…poor him),
the sunshine smile, the friendly feeling
and most importantly…i was damn freaking close to him!!!
but the sad part is he didnt wave to me and didnt look at me
even though i was just in front of him and practically waving to him
haiz…never mind…he will still be my prince charming!!! =PPP
ONEW IS SO CUTE!!! hahaha

credit (photos and videos): SHELYCE LIM YAN CHIN