love bunny show!!!

yesterday at ah ma house…while watching F1
love bunny suddenly feel like dancing
so it tried to dance to the song “Nobody”

after the trial dance…it felt more confident
so it began dancing to the song “Tell me your wish”

hehe =))) love bunny like dancing a lot…hope you all like the performances
although the graphics and sounds are not really very clear
but this is love bunny’s efforts…hope you all enjoy!!!

P.S dont care about the person sitting behind…she is just trying to steal the limelight!


time to love with taegoon

cause supernova no time to perform today’s performance
so taegoon is up to sing with t-ara
somehow the stage become quite empty
the whole performance lack a bit of energy
i admit that taegoon can sing and dance well but i think he cant rap
his voice is still quite not strong enough to fit into this song

another song to recommend…
supergirl by super junior-m

didnt expect them to come out with a korean version after the chinese one
somehow the chinese became a big hit in china
but i dont like the chinese version…it sounds weird
preferred the korean version one
love the dance…so super junior style
mv starring SNSD jessica

time to love???

new combination = t-ara and supernova
love this song very much as well as the choreography
t-ara really changed alot from the previous look
changed of hairstyle, hair colour and makeup
they really looked gorgeous inside this mv
i can hardly recognise them especially jiyeon and soyeon
this is my first time knowing a group supernova existed
dont really know them well but i know the guy with red gloves looks GOOD!!!


today saturday!!!
went back to kovan and work…so happy =)))
i cannot describe how happy i am going back there to work
actually should end work at 2 but the painting of the props were not complete
so me and “jie jie” work until 5 plus just to finish painting the 3 and a half boards
i dunno how to say this but the heart always felt different working in different places
i can say im not happy working there…i mean there…there
but what can i do…where God puts me…where i shall be
somehow this is a tough training for me
anyway im happy to work in kovan today…hehe
i forgot to thank my children for giving me all those wonderful teacher’s day presents
this is my first time celebrating teacher’s day as a teacher
at first i thought i wont receive any present cause im new to the centre
but to my surprise…i have received a lot a lot of nice nice presents
wanted to thank the parents, teachers and of course CHILDREN!!!
they will always be in my heart…wont forget them
how i wish i could see you all one more time =(((
miss miss you all so much ❤

lachata and muzik

first one…I LIKE IT!!!
new group from SM entertainment named f(x)
Victoria, Krystal, Sulli, Amber and Luna
pretty…can sing…and dance
love the whole mv concept and the dance too

second one…waited damn long
by 4minute
love the song but not so much for the mv
about the same concept and dance as hot issue
a bit bit disappointed

bury myself in these music stuffs
hate to think about work