last day in astons

yesterday was my last day working
so many misses…dont feel like leaving…
shirley came down to eat even though she didnt work
she also say she come down to see me de…hehe
cashier the whole day yesterday…
missed out some wagyu receipts…
but steven never scold me anything…
and he still treats us to supper…
woohoo…his mood very good yesterday!
like what nainai say…he actually is a good person…haha
peipei last day together with me…so happy to have her
but i broke her heart by leaving behind and left her to take mrt alone =(
will definitely miss her, mummy shirley, ana, kelvin, wileen, nancy, irra, rainny, sze min, papa benny, faizal and huimin
if i got time i will definitely go back to see you all de
and i will go changi to see mummy shirley too!!!


always like that

when im super angry with myself dont come and talk to me!!!
the more you want to talk to me, the more i want you to leave!!!
if you dont get the hint and keeps bothering me…you know what you get!!!
i hate it…totally hate it!!!
because of school…i cant go bangkok again!!!
because of school…they is so many places i cannot go!!!
because of school…i have to be stress and frustrated everyday!!!
because of school…i have to quarrel with you again!!!
if next time you want to go anywhere…please dont say it in front of me…cause you know i cant go!
already because of writing clinic i cant send ah mei off at the airport…which is like bothering me alot!
and i will be angry with myself for not being able to go anywhere!
so please! next time be more sensitive abit can?
backoff when you need to backoff!!!


there is only two words that can describe me now…

today is just only the first day and there is so many things to read…so many things to reflect…so many things to type…so many things that i dont understand…
i still have 5 more weeks and 6 more days to go…
i really feel like throwing everything aside and dont feel like doing them
i am so so lost!!! TT_TT

16th june 2010

me and yanling walking from marsiling mrt to marsiling cc…super long road!!!


i know you love our surprise…hahaha

hope you will eat up all the brownie…keep the cards safely…use the bag wisely and place the balloon at the nicest corner of your room…haha

dont know whats with both yan and me…we keep going to the wrong way today…

guess im thinking too much of my meimei…start to miss her liao =P

this morning she alr fly to shanghai and i regret not sending her off at the airport

too tired until i cant even get out of my bed…and i was late for writing clinic

congratulations to me ending the whole five sessions of writing clinic!!!

honestly speaking…dont really think it helps me alot

all i feel now was stress and “huhh” to think of school now

so many things to do and so little time

difficult position

(photo copied from shelyce lim)




thank you for listening to me everytime

you are really a good friend whom i can always talk to

thank you so much!!!

@ 5:00PM

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 was talking to mummy just now about family problem

suddenly reality strucked me…make me think that i am an adult now

there are many things for me to think and plan for the future

i really very scared that one day he will tell him he dont have any more money

make me have no mood to spend money on my own stuffs

now is only work, earn money, save money, less spending!!!

why is there so many things for me to 烦 about???

and until this moment of time then i turn towards GOD…i am so hopeless!