second mv from 4minute from their new mini album Huh (Hit Your Heart)
and i just realized i forgot to post up the first mv onto my blog

about the same concept…sexy, wild, cool, strong, pretty!!!
the only different is the hair colour…so hyeon gotten highlights of blonde on her hair
and hyuna from reddie to blondie!!! many people are commenting that it is so nice on her but i find that it makes her look even whiter
and anyway nude is the “in” colour now…guess she wont miss this fashion out
love jiyoon blue eye shadow…look so nice on her…she’s getting more and more lines from these two songs whereas the leader jihyun…can somebody please give her some more lines??? she only sings one sentence from HUH!!!
the click click click part looks cute with the sparkles effect on it
im damn curious about the guy who stood in the center dancing in the beginning…even though he is wearing a mask…i find him damn cool dancing like that…i want to see his face!!!



my blog is snowing!!! woohoo!!!

love the christmas mood ❤
i got the jingle bell, i got the jingle bell
jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle bell
is always about giving and recieving
i am also done with my christmas shopping
got most of their presents…hehehe…so happy XD

두근두근 Tomorrow

love the way they did the CF for samsung…I WANT THAT PHONE TOO!!!
this phone seems to appear in You’re Beautiful too…all of them are using it!!!
Gain as professional gamer, SeungYeon as painist/DJ, HyunA as fashion designer and UEE as model/dancer

episode 1 – Gain

episode 2 – SeungYeon

episode 3 – HyunA

episode 4 – UEE

episode 5 – Lee Dong Gun

last episode

all the episodes were nice and lovely >.<
sorry that i cant find videos that are with subs
i can understand also means your can understand too…haha
somehow each of their personalities really fit into the characters very well
im glad they chosen these 4 girls to act in this drama
and we can see again the good relationships between the girls group in korea =)))

blood donation

i did a good deed today =))))
and i am so happy XXXXDDDD
i went to donate blood today in school with nainai and ana
so coooool right???
actually jess came along with us
but her blood pressure was low so she canot donate
was sort of nervous as it was my first time donating blood
the whole process was a bit painful
but i feel damn satisfied and fulfilling that i have donated blood
and i can save a person’s life…woohoo =P

“this is what i want…hehe”
oh and i got the purple colour bandage…so pretty >.<

music core 24th oct 2009

today music core was quite interesting…

first up SHINee Ring Ding Dong

mother (KEY) and son (Taemin) did very well for this performance
love the “BUTTERFLY”
suddenly noticed Jonghyun sing song with his mouth slanted…=/
at 1:32 Minho replaced Taemin being in the centre…somehow i feel that Minho was very stiff in this performance…dont know where he’s looking
and oh my goodness Onew did a small mistake at 1:56 =P

finally 4minute performed “What a Girl Wants”
waited for this performance for very long
the girls were so cute >.< compared to their Muzik performance
“mo la mo la mo la mo la mo la”

Hwanhee is back with his new album after Fly to the Sky separated
this is one good performance with awesome vocal and awesome dance move
Hwanhee surprised me with the powerful chorus
“baby cause you in my heart”
seems like he is ready and very prepared for his solo career

(more performances…)

lachata and muzik

first one…I LIKE IT!!!
new group from SM entertainment named f(x)
Victoria, Krystal, Sulli, Amber and Luna
pretty…can sing…and dance
love the whole mv concept and the dance too

second one…waited damn long
by 4minute
love the song but not so much for the mv
about the same concept and dance as hot issue
a bit bit disappointed

bury myself in these music stuffs
hate to think about work

what is muzik?


4minute first mini album is coming out!!!
album title “For Muzik” coming out on the 31st August
01 – For Muzik
02 – Muzik
03 – Hot Issue
04 – What a girl wants
05 – 웃겨 (Funny)
06 – 안줄래 (I Won’t Give)
07 – Hot Issue (Remix)
after listening once, in love with the song “I Won’t Give” and “What a girl wants”
however, the song “I Won’t Give” is banned by KBS cause of inappropriate lyrics
even though i dont understand the lyrics
but this song have both smooth and strong melody
what a waste…so sad =(((

let your listen whether this song is nice anot

another song i recently fall in love with was Baek Ji Young feat. 2PM Taecyeon “My Ear’s Candy”

i know my sis will hate me putting this song on my blog…haha
somehow taecyeon voice sounds good in this song
love the dance too…the part where Baek Ji Young did solo with dancers at the back
“la la la la la la la la”